Our Mission

One of the best ways to help combat this global issue today is to simply re-wear, re-style, or re-create clothing you already have in your own wardrobe, and if you’d like to buy something new to wear that no one has seen before, book an appointment with us to create your very own up-cycled creation, using pieces from your wardrobe or selection one of our special showroom pieces.

We work hours around the clock to bring you the most unique sustainable collections. 

When you take home Lakshmi Bee, you can wear and show your piece proudly, knowing that you have helped us take another step forward in combating fast fashion and create a global change in protecting our people and planet.


We are grateful to be on this journey with you and to be a part of the new revolution.

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Fast fashion is still one of the world's largest polluters shortly after the oil industry, causing mass devastation to our planet and people involved, with many local communities affected, including unfair treatment of garment workers and ties to slave labour. 

The history and hands that are behind every item of clothing are to be respected, taken care of and cherished. We want to encourage everyone to think about what we are buying and who has made our clothing or products. To keep, mend, or transform our items, rather than discard them. 

When clothing and products are made properly from quality materials, they last longer and tend to be a little more expensive. Learning to treat our items as an investment rather than disposable will be a major key in turning this issue around. 

Our mission is to create beauty from ashes, healing the planet and people through fashion re-creation and re-invention. Creating hand-tailored luxury pieces made from upcycling preexisting clothing, vintage creations, fabric offcuts and scrap remnants. 

We want to help combat fast fashion by restoring the true art of fashion and product creation, back to the days of our true couturiers and designers throughout history.

Living art that is worn and used every day, you can create and take home your very own piece of modern history.

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Our Story

Mother & Daughter Duo - Lakshmi Gowda & Susan Gowda

Lakshmi and Susan both had a strong draw towards art and fashion design from a very early age.

Susan began life as a ballet dancer, creating costumes and clothing with a dream of opening a business. Fashion design was not seen as a ‘proper career’ in her upbringing and her direction was shifted. She left her home in Australia for a new life in London and married young. Lakshmi was born shortly after and showed an early interest in art and fashion design over the years.

Lakshmi from as early as 5 years old, together with mother Susan, created art and costumes for school and community competitions and won every single competition they entered, for a twelve-year straight run. Around 2007, after years of sewing and creating outfits together, Lakshmi and Susan decided to officially create their label, Lakshmi Bee.

Susan had always received great encouragement toward her dream from late English Father Cecil Boston, who had a family history of artists and was rumored to be related to the famous artist Joseph Mallord William Turner, who was renowned for his use of colour. Late Grandfather and Father Cecil Boston, used to call Susan by the name of ‘Bee’. 

Lakshmi’s late Indian Grandmother Lakshmi Gowda, whom she was named after, came from a family line of retail and fine silk sari production. She had a gift for clothing creation, making a new dress for her own daughter every day. Grandmother Lakshmi never got the opportunity to pursue her business further due to the traditional family customs of a woman’s role in the home. She was also the only encourager towards Lakshmi’s Father Richard, pushing him to get out into the world and pursue his life's purpose. Lakshmi's Late Indian Grandfather Tata Gowda also came from a family line of retail and tanning factories, producing quality leather for fine goods.

With great gratitude and remembrance to our loving and talented family encouragers, the name Lakshmi Bee came to be.

Lakshmi Gowda


My name is Lakshmi Gowda,

I have been sewing and creating from as young as I can remember. Watching my Mum make our clothes out of whatever she had, to then learning to make clothing for my dolls, eventually myself, friends and then people we met on the street! It was a passion and dream that never went away, no matter how unencouraged or encouraged I was. Around age 15, my Mum and I decided to create Lakshmi Bee.

During my teen years, I began pursuing the art professionally, studying fashion design and technology for three years, interning with a great Australian designer, dressing people from diverse backgrounds, and showcasing on multiple runways.

Starting in high school, I began suffering from depression and anxiety, it was always art, music, fashion design, youth groups and the dream of owning my own company that helped pull me out of those dark spaces. It’s been a long ride since, and often a fight to keep the vision alive, but definitely one that's worth pursuing. 


My life has always been a whirlwind of experiences besides the fashion industry, pursuing art, event planning, DJing, hosting shows, radio, media promotions, Real Estate, sales and youth work. I have always had itchy feet growing up, with a passion for learning about the world and different industries. But in the end, it’s always service through fashion that I come back to. 

To see the smile on someone's face, that I could help make them feel beautiful both inside and outside through our creations and the time we spent in the process. To know that we have made something special that doesn’t harm the planet or people, helping to combat the global devastation of fast fashion one garment at a time. That is a true joy.

My prayer and hope is to see great change take place on our eath in working towards a more sustainable future and, to see an end to slave labor in my lifetime.


Susan Gowda


My name is Susan Gowda,

I've always loved the creative pursuits, from drawing to baking, and began sewing at a young age, eagerly awaiting the bags of fabric scraps my aunty sometimes sent me, leftover from her sewing projects.

l loved to piece these together to make clothes and accessories for my stuffed toys. My favourite, a walrus had an outfit for every occasion.


At age 12 l started to make clothes for myself, until I was designing and making most of my outfits. I've always loved the unique colours, patterns, and textures that can be achieved by piecing together many different types of fabrics, and also adding in hand painting, knitting, crochet, and beading make pieces that are truly unique.


Fast fashion has seen clothing turned into a throwaway item rather than something of value. We need to return to the era where clothes were respected and treasured. Thus, we should make use of what we already have by giving old clothes a facelift, using scrap fabric to create something new and exciting, and buying vintage instead of fast fashion.


I'm delighted that my daughter Lakshmi has inherited this love of fashion, so I can continue my fashion journey with her, and together we can work towards transforming this industry to make fashion sustainable, cruelty-free, and valuable, as well as beautiful and enjoyable.