Why I HAD to turn my old dress into a New Skirt

The War on Waste

Clothing is now the number two cause of pollution, shortly after the oil industry 😨 that’s huge!

The issue goes deeper than just pollution.

When it comes to goods and services, there is almost always a price to pay.

I always say, if you’re getting something cheap, someone else is probably paying for it.

Clothing is not cheap when made properly and there have been numerous cases of slave labour reports from garment factories, with many of our societies favourite brands connected.

Your $5 dollar bargain could be another person’s short change.

With this in mind, I have begun to re-create my own clothing and hope to encourage you too, in re-wearing, re-styling what you already have or buying vintage / pre-existing items.

The Look

I turned my old dress into a brand new skirt, by simply moving the zipper below the waist, cutting through the middle of the dress and hemming the top edges. I pared the skirt with a matching top I made from fabric remnants.

I also turned the top part of the dress into an actual top, by sewing in a new zipper and hemming the bottom. This can now be mixed and matched in multiple looks.

The Event

An entertaining night filled with multiple performances of carnival and hip-hop dance, X-factor contestants blowing up the stage with their incredible voices and of course, the fashion collections.

I love the combination of entertainment and fashion, it certainly makes for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

I got to interview Chantelle Torres, the winner of Miss Glamour Look Australia 2018, bonding over burgers and fashion and caught up with some of the finalists representing multiple pageants from around the globe.

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