Wearing recreated vintage to the Model & Mode Magazine Launch!

What was once discarded remnants, offcuts and a 10 year old faux fur jacket, I have now revived them from the ashes into a brand new sparkly piece. It’s amazing what you’ll find in your own wardrobe. I haven’t worn this jacket in years and was surprised to find it squished away in our old moving boxes among other beautiful clothes, pieces that had reached their one day of fame.

After studying sustainability and the devastation that fast fashion has had on the planet, although my clothing is designer hand made, I was generating a new pice for myself almost every week, only to wear it once and stuff away into a box or at the back of my wardrobe.

Why? To be fashionable on a daily, keeping up with unrealistic media and sales agenda? Unfortunately those ideas are now the cause of a massive global pollution crisis, casing pain and suffering to many people involved in the production of clothing.

It’s heartbreaking that fashion can be connected to so much mess. All that for a cheap deal or a look of the day?

The problem is deep rooted, but one way we can all help today, is to buy less from department stores / fast fashion chains and re-wear the clothing we already have in our own wardrobes. 

'You may really surprise yourself at the possibilities.’

💌Custom order your own special piece at: lakshmi@lakshmibee.com

💻For more information about the mission and how you can help visit: http://LakshmiBee.com

🎥 LBTV: https://youtu.be/_qDXjZCesSs

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