“Same Dress?! How an old classic took care of me at an exclusive black tie event”

Join my mission to combat the issue of fast fashion and help heal the world and people by using your own wardrobe.

In this video, we attend the Miss Russia AU & Miss National crown finals, where I share one of the simplest ways you can help, by re-wearing and re-styling what you already own."

"Fast fashion is still one of the worlds largest polluters shortly after the oil industry, with disastrous effects on the planet and people involved. It’s a global scale problem from the production of fabric to the finished garment.

Having traveled to and around Asia where many garments are produced, I have seen first handedly the heartbreaking devastation that this industry, amongst others has caused to the land and people.

Yes, it is a massive issue to fix, but as always, great change begins with simple steps. I want to share simple ideas that you and I can take to help combat this issue, beginning with your own wardrobes.

Let's start the journey together!"

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