“Same Dress?! How an old classic took care of me at an exclusive black tie event”

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

"It’s Black Tie season and the classic question on many lips.. What should I wear?! Have you ever thought about wearing an old classic… from your own wardrobe?!

Quite shocking, wear the same dress again!? Why?"

The Event

On this fiercely windy and rainy evening, we were invited to the exclusive Red Carpet Ball's Miss Russia and Miss National Australia Crown Finals, representing Star Central Magazine and of course, Lakshmi Bee!

I haven’t seen many pageants in my time yet, so it was an interesting experience for me. I was taken back with amazement to see the diversity of models taking part. All ages, backgrounds and body shapes. From daughters, to mothers and even grandmothers! I loved watching the women shine with confidence whilst owning who they are.

I enjoyed interviewing some of the guest and models back stage for Star central Magazine. It was really awesome listening to each individuals story and the experiences they had faced in life leading up to this event.

My OOTD Story

Amongst the craziness of my life, I’ve had to put down and pick up my passion of fashion design many many times throughout my life, often taking different jobs to pay the bills on time. One evening I was feeling pretty down and hadn't made anything in a long time. Suddenly, I hear the classic Song Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh playing from the living room. I felt something inside self awake and a compelling impulse to raid my old clothing boxes.

As I rummaged though the mountains of clothing, I felt the scratch of sequins brush through my fingers, and there it was, peaking through, my old Great Gatsby Ruby Red Dress!

I created this piece around 6 - 7 years back for a Great Gatbsy Competition and won best dressed at the event.

I had invested a lot of time, care and dedication into the making of this dress and the memories attached of a night filled with an unexpected prize, best friends, cocktails, chandeliers and laughter were priceless. I had to take this piece out again.

With fast fashion still weighing heavy in on my mind, I knew this was another great opportunity to share this story. So often when we have things to go to, especially a Black Tie event, there can be an underlying pressure of what to wear and the engrained idea of buying a new outfit to wear for the fear of being caught in something already worn.

In my years of research and work in fashion, business and entertainment, I can’t help but think this is yet, another clever way for design companies to keep the cash rolling in. Imagine the thousands of people buying a new outfit daily, only to wear once and throw it away. and in doing so, adding to toxic landfill and keeping the gates of slave labour rolling. That’s the world we are living in now.

Of course, I’m all for creating wealth and living a life of your dreams, but only when done in a way that doesn’t harm the world or people in any way.

Re- wearing your classics is just another of the many easy ways you can help solve this global issue.

Ensemble Details

This Ruby Red gown was designed and hand crafted by yours truly. It features draped chiffon, fitted red sequin underset and corset middle.

I have paired the outfit with some more classics, featuring these sparkly red shoes my mother bought years ago at ZU Shoes Brisbane.

We found this classic red clutch bag at a tiny pop up boutique in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, nearly 10 years ago.

I love to shop a mini pop ups. There you can find the most unique items and many are often hand made locally or imported from small businesses overseas.

When buying brand new, always try to do your research and ask the shop keepers for some info on their products. That way you have a decent idea of where it has been made and by who.

My Original Classic & Past Blog Post - Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ritzy & Glitzy.... My Winning Costume!

The Great Gatsby costume competition hosted by The Met Nightclub Brisbane

My winning costume

Rewind back to the Roaring Twenties!! After the new release of the movie The Great Gatsby, there was a spiralling trend throughout the world in fashion, parties and more!

Brisbane nightclub The Met hosted a Great Gatsby party and dress competition a few weeks ago. The dress I wore was something I created weeks before the movie came out!! I'll often get a feeling for a trend months if not years before it makes a break in fashion, Designers trait I guess!

This was a dress pattern I created months ago. It consists of a short sequin dress with side split, I added a corset style red lace mid section and draped red chiffon for the bottom of the dress. I added red stones and sequins to the top and corset section and cut up a red beaded necklace, attaching the pieces to the bottom of the short under dress. Accessories  The head piece was simple, I attached some red border lace onto some red ribbon, beaded a red sequin border and attached a red ostrich feather to the side, it ties up at the back. Red sequin shoes where bought at ZU Shoes about 4 years ago! Jewellery is from Colette of course!

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