Recycling --> Into High-End Fashion? ♻️💎

We just launched our new Lakshmi Bee couture collection at the Search For The Next International Model Competition! Sustainable pieces made from 100% unused clothing, fabric scraps and remnants! ♻️💃

With the global expansion of fast fashion mass contributing to toxic landfill and slave trade, the thought of adding to this mess and devastation with yet another collection, was unimaginable. 🚫

We opted for our wardrobes and storage units instead of the fabric store and began to recreate our hand tailored pieces using what we already had. ✂️

Up-cycling is one of many ways we can help combat this global issue, knowing we are making a difference in a one of a kind piece of clothing. 💫

Big thank you to Mike Ilagan & Fayee Penny for asking us to be a part of this awesome event, and to the best stage crew! A real blessing to work with these kind hearted group of creatives 💖

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