How Creating Forrest Tigress Jumpsuit Gave Me Powerful Inner Strength

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

‘Have you ever worn a sexy jumpsuit to a high-profile fashion show because it empowers you to project your truth and inner strength during a dark time?'

The Event

On this crisp evening occasion, I attended the Miss Multiverse International pageant TV show, alongside our Australian Millionaire Magazine Team, CEO Mike, colleague Vanessa and our film crew.

As a designer, it’s always a treat for me to sit down and watch a show, as oppose to being amidst the hustle of backstage.

We had a wonderful time watching the models compete for the title whilst draped in some beautiful colourful couture.

I really enjoy attending events like these as it provides an opportunity to meet likeminded industry professionals in the field and build some great networks and collaborations. We also connect with a couple of the beautiful models after the show, who will now be modelling for our next collection!

My OOTD Story

This piece was amongst one of the first creations I made upon arriving in Sydney three years ago. This was a massive time of change in my life.

Travelling from a small suburb in Brisbane to the big city lights of Sydney, I was a scared, excited and ready for change.

Starting from the bottom financially and socially, whilst trying to settle in to this new city was very difficult. I faced great personal hardships and moved houses three times in that one year.

My faith and ambitions kept me going and with my stubborn desire for the fashion dream, I managed to create some time between work and university to design and sew.

One afternoon, along one of my annual dream building strolls through what seemed to be the dark and scary streets yet unknown, my eyes were caught by the glistening of sequins.

There it was amongst the smog, the cutest little fabric store. As I strolled into the store, I saw the boldness of tiger stripes resting on colours unusual for this print. A bold forest green against the crisp white.

I took the fabric home and began to create, finding my peace again. From sketch to reality, creating this outfit was a breakthrough for me.

Whist facing my own fears and hardships, I wanted this piece to resemble a great inner strength that I was struggling to find within, to then project that strength to outer boldness.

You often hear it said, dress for the life you want to live and the person you wish to become. This outfit was like a skin of protection draped over me. It was my way of putting my best foot forward in a dark time. I knew that by doing this, I'd put myself in a position to meet the right people, create some great networks and begin building the life of my dreams. It was the perfect step for the beginning of a long, crazy and awesome roller coaster journey ahead.

Ensemble Details

I paired the finished jumpsuit with some heels I bought years ago from Wittner shoes in Melbourne. The heels were embellished with a large four fold bow tie which I trimmed to create a two fold bow tie for a more elegant look. With fast fashion a major global pollution and human rights issue today, this is just one simple and creative way you can help, by re-using / re-styling what you already have!

I finished the look with some black crystal and mesh butterfly earrings that I hand made from a pair of old earrings I bought years ago at Lovisa. I found the butterflies at Spotlight crafts section and using some small scissors and pliers, hooked the pieces together, glued a couple of black sequins onto the wings and finishing with securing stitches. You can try this at home using your unused jewellery. The possibilities for re-creating are endless!

My favourite part about this entire look, is the freedom and peace of knowing that I have made a difference. That each part of this look has been re-used and re-worn, rather than thrown out or replaced. It's seems a small part to play in the greater scale, but with yours and our contribution as a community, we will help end the the war on waste.

#Tiger #StrengthtoStrength

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