VINTAGE SPICE UP - Pink Blazer Dress

In this video I am wearing a very special vintage blazer dress which I have altered for a modern look. 👚♻️✂️This piece was made in the early 1980’s. The original owner was a Sydney socialite who only wore pink, her whole wardrobe was pink! She kindly donated her unused clothing to the vintage store and I am now the proud owner of this stunning piece.

The Transformation

In the transformation process of this 80's blazer dress, I have simply taken the sides in at the wast, shoulders and arm holes for a tighter fit. I have removed the frilly skirt part at the bottom and will create something else from the fabric. I have repainted the buttons platinum silver for a fresher look using nail polish.

The clutch bag I have had for a while and have redesigned the look using a hair piece for detailing.

The sunglasses and jewellery are past pieces collected overtime. 💎

Why Sustainable Fashion?

With fast fashion causing mass destruction globally, affecting our earth and people involved, today more than ever, it is very important to be sustainably conscious.

One way we can all help contribute towards a global change, is to simply re-wear, re-style or recreate items we already own in our own wardrobes.

Buying vintage and recreating for a modern look is one of our favourites. Vintage fashion carries a rich history and the stories behind the pieces are incredible. Before the fast fashion revolution took over and redefined the entire shopping experience and retail industries, clothing made prior was often made at a higher quality, fabric production and in construction. These pieces were made to last and often display more creativity in the design and finishes. Like the buttons on this dress, you won't find these easily on todays fast fashion racks, but more the high fashion brands.

Recreating vintage is is a very simple way to create a brand new stand out piece, something special that will last for many more years to come.

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