How I overcame my shoe addiction and helped contribute to global change 👠 🌏

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

My story

The teenage days were the worst. As soon as I received my weekly pay, it was off to the city for another pair of shoes, or two. I can definitely relate to that new shoe feeling, the thought of stepping out in those glamorous heels we saw in the window. Keeping up with the trends Vs creating our own trends was the ultimate battle, leading to dollars and dollars wasted.

Unfortunately, with fast fashion on the rise, it is now unsustainable to keep the addiction going, in more ways than one.

A simple idea that I have been doing for years is to re-style my own shoes. It can be as simple as adding an anklet, pieces of jewellery or a different colour strap, that can be wrapped around your leg in multiple ways, to create different looks.

You get a whole new shoe to wear, something unique, that no one will find anywhere else, all whilst helping the planet and your wallet. It’s a such a good feeling. A feeling of peace and beauty in one.

The Look

I re-created the look of my shoes by using a strand of left over fabric from my dress and made ribbons, which I have looped through the shoe to create this new look.

I created the dress years ago, during my Brisbane days and have re-worn

The Event

We teamed up with the Australian Millionaire Magazine and Star Central Crew to attend the Miss Glamour Look Australia Beauty Pageant.

It was an exotic evening filled with live entertainment, Brazilian dancing, Victoria’s Secret themed segments, accompanied by a 3 course gala dinner.

I loved seeing the range of diversity in the contestants, featuring women from various backgrounds and age groups. A celebration of all beauty. As always, my favourite part of any event are the new faces we met, sharing our life journeys, goals and vision for a better world.

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