LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW with Radio Tagumpay on Triple H 100.1 FM

So Grateful! 🎧🎤Had my first live Radio Interview with the opportunity to share our mission 🙏🌏 Talking all things Sustainable Fashion, Family, Life, Love and Mental Health, with the amazing Team at RADIO Tagumpay (Filipino for Success) on Triple H 100.1 FM

Thank you Paul Blyton , Violi Calvert & Criz Guce for having me 💗


00:27 - Intro

01:31 - Working with the Filipino Community

03:50 - Recap on my interview with world renowned Fashion Artist - Rocky Gathercole

06:08 - My Sustainable Fashion Journey

07:39 - What is Fast Fashion?

08:30 - How to help combat Fast Fashion and still look stylish on a budget.

10:34 - My Mental Health Battle

14:34 - Life messages and overcoming obstacles

17:07 - Defining Success (Tagumpay)

18:55 - Lakshmi Bee Mission: How we can help heal the world from the devastation of Fast Fashion 21:04 - Final Message

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