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Discussing the dangers of fast fashion and what we can all do to help. "Fast Fashion is the worlds second largest polluter after the oil industry.🧥❗️In Australia we send 85% of the textiles we buy to landfill every year. We are the second largest consumer of new textiles after the US, averaging about 27kg of new textiles per annum.

We buy it, wear it once or twice, get sick of it or realise it’s gone out of fashion and bin it, only to begin the cycle all over again. If trends continue the industry could account for a quarter of the worlds carbon budget by 2050. Without the change on how consumers see fast fashion, the damage could be endless." - Julia Carr-Catzel, 2ser 107.3 Host.

Special thank you to Julia Carr-Catzel for hosting the show and to Xiao Han for inviting Lakshmi Bee to take part.

It means so much to share our Lakshmi Bee mission, the truth behind fashion and some of the simple ways we can all contribute towards this global change. ♻️

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📻 Radio Credit: 2ser 107.3 “The Daily” Show: https://2ser.com/the-daily/

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