Lights In The Darkness

The Australian Beauty Pageant Awards 2018

A celebration of our beauty queens from across Australia, featuring contestants from pageants such as Miss Universe Australia, Miss Grand Australia and Miss Glamour look to name a few. Created by Mike Ilagan, owner of Star Central Magazine.

I was newly introduced to the beauty pageant scene, through my collaborations with Star Central magazine. One thing I have learned about this scene in Australia, is not only a purpose for celebrating beauty of all women, but give a platform to women who stand for causes and highlight the work of foundations, charities and missions in our country and globally. 

This platform aims to shine a light on missions and groups that are actively working on changing the globe to make a better world for all. Shining a light on dark issues ranging from struggling farmers, disability services, mental illness, domestic violence, global slavery and human trafficking.

In this fast paced world, where many are trying to make a living, feed their families and put a roof over their heads, sometimes it's easy to overlook or miss these types of issues. The ladies and gentlemen involved in theses public events work tirelessly all year round, aiming to bring more awareness to help these missions and groups raise more funds to further the work.

It’s an imperfect world and difficult to solve all the issues, but to see people going out of their way to try, even if to save just one life, the journey is well worth it and to be respected.

The Look

Fast fashion is still the worlds second largest polluter of the earth shorty after the oil industry. With this mind one way  we can all help is to simply re-wear, re-style or recreate an item of clothing from our own wardrobes. 

On this morning occasion, I chose to wear a dress I had made and designed years ago. This dress had many memories and stories attached. I made this dress in my last days living on the gold coast before I came to Sydney. 

A very tough time in my life. It was the last months of 2014 and my mental health was suffering. A 5 year relationship was ending, I was newly living alone, my car had broken down and could not continue my job as a mobile DJ all while finishing my last semester of university exams. After completing my studying for the day, to take my mind away from the tears of depression and aches of anxiety, I turned to my sketch book and sewing machine, creating this orange crystal organza gown with hand embroidery. 

I was a sad wreck. Putting on this gown gave me courage to stand tall, to remember my dreams.

I hadn’t seen this dress in about 4 years. I pulled it out of my moving box and decided to give it another spin. I paired the gown with the same shoes I wore back then and changed the look a little with my accessories, featuring gold flower crown and crystal earrings.

The best part about the gown is the beautiful fabric. Formal type dresses have a lot of fabric and are ideal for recreating into other items of clothing. Never thrown your dresses out or keep them hidden in the dust for years on end. Give them life and love through fashion recreation. 

The Event

The ABPA Gala was helped at the Hilton Hotel here in Sydney.

It was great being a part of the team and greeting all the guests as they arrived to the main ball room. I had the honour of choosing the two best dressed ladies at the event, which was quite difficult in a sea of elegant gowns and eye-catching crystals. A great event and a fashionistas dream opportunity to shine all out for a day.

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