Lakshmi Bee featured on the front cover of Sassy & Co Magazine!

The adventure continues! Lakshmi Bee featured on the front cover of Sassy and Co Magazine! Our designer feature story inside, available in news stands!

What a blessing, I remember praying for a day like this many years ago with my mum. Back in the days when our label was just a dream on paper and our clothing hadn’t seen the runways yet.

God has been so good to us and I am so grateful to have finally met the amazing teams we get to work with today.

Mum was mentioning having her artistic talent her whole life and that it's only now that things are moving. She had dreams of being a fashion designer as a teenager but never had the opportunities to take it forward. Through the years of waiting, she always believed that God had a perfect time, that her team members hadn’t arrived yet, which she realised after I was born. She strongly believes not to worry if things aren’t happing for you now, that you don’t have to worry about your age or stage, to keep doing what you're doing, perfect your craft, be patient and in Gods timing it will all come to be. 

Susan & Lakshmi Gowda - Lakshmi Bee Mother & Daughter Duo

We are truly grateful for this new milestone. Thank you Mike at StarCentral, Raymond Batholomeusz and the Sassy & Co Magazine Team for the opportunity to share our story and mission.

And to beautiful Stephanie Hunt for killing this look in our Isaiah 63:1 collection! 

Collection: ISAIAH 63:1 Collection

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