How to shop designer & sustainable under $30! 😱♻️ + DIY

Garage to glam p2: I found this stunning designer blazer at the vintage store for $25!

I paired the blazer with the same pants I bought at my neighbours garage sale and an unworn lingerie set which I have turned into a crop top.

'Fast Fashion' (your everyday, cheap-midrange shops in store and online) are responsible for our worlds second biggest pollution problem after the oil industry and is directly connected to the harm of communities and loss of lives across the globe.

One way we can all make a difference and stop the chaos is to simply re-wear the clothing that we already have in our own wardrobes. But if you're in desperate need of a new look, another awesome way without contributing to the problem, is to take part in a clothing swap or buy vintage / pre-loved garments.

I absolutely love a good vintage shop, but growing up I was taught that second hand was dirty and still remember the day my 5th grade friend gave me her beautiful white gown and I was reluctantly made to give it back to her because it had been worn.

Although the stigma of second hand is still there, a lot has changed since then and I have had the pleasure of discovering and learning about the real beauty of vintage and thrift stores.

I cannot describe how much fun it is to go shopping, not knowing what your going to find, to be surprised by the discovery of a special gem hiding away within the racks.

With the reality of the damage that fast fashion is causing, there have been a number of sustainable movements and the thrift stores have upped their game. Often you’ll find a specially trained stylist and fashion buyer behind many of the carefully selected looks and many charity stores have screening process for donations. You will find some incredible stuff at less than half the original cost too.

It’s an awesome feeling to find something that seems to have been made just for you, like this smooth black blazer I found! Look glamorous without costing the earth or another human being.

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