Combating fast fashion using vintage pieces!

Watch me make a simple change to a pair of shoes and a vintage jacket. These two items had almost come to an end but were given a second chance at life through a sustainably conscious friend and a couple of simple alterations. 

It's easy to simply discard your clothing once you feel the value has gone and you have gotten the wears you wanted from them, especially in a society that promotes and encourages spending habits and wanting the next best thing. To throw away what has been deemed last season and grab onto what’s new, only to repeat the same cycle has caused major devastation to our planet and the people involved in making these items.

As a designer, I love the idea and feeling you get from a new outfit, but not at the expense of the planet or the lives of the people making them. 

It is important to find out who has made the clothing you are buying. Now more than yesterday, there are so many sustainable fashion choices which can be a little more pricey, but you can be sure that you are buying a high quality piece that hasn’t caused anyone or anything harm in the production.

If you're on a budget, re-wearing, re-styling or recreating something from your own closet is another great way to start, or to simply buy vintage. There are so many ways to revamp an outfit, bringing it some new life and with the right techniques and style, you can make it look better than the original. 

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