Recreate Project: Double Denim ✂️ 2wice Over

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

My OOTD Story

Behind ever piece of clothing you have, there is a story of human hands. Today, more than ever, find out who’s made your clothes.

Double Denim made twice over. I have created the jacket, jean pants and crop top bustier entirely from 2 pairs of old men’s jeans. I got the jeans from my dad and brother who bought them overseas. The original jean design was made of cutouts from factory rejects.

I felt disheartened that they had used new jeans to create the design as that this design idea is ideal to use old jeans. I also noticed that some of the labels used were unethical.

Over all, it is good to see the factory rejects reused rather than tossed into landfill.

Ensemble Details

The complete ensemble features a crop top bustier, high-waisted jean pants and crop jacket with silver sequin detailing.

Front: Crop Top Bustier & Jean Pants | Back: Crop Top Bustier & Jean Pants

Front: Full set with Jacket zipped | Back: Full set with Jacket

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