How I created high fashion using my neighbours garage sale pants! ✂️

In this episode of Lakshmi Bee Tv, I have created a brand new outfit using a pair of pants my neighbour was selling at a garage sale and an underwear set I bought years ago and never wore. It’s amazing what you can easily create from what was once seen as junk or unimportant into something new and make it high fashion.

The Transformation

I have put together this look using some high-waisted pants my neighbour was selling. She had never worn the pants before and had purchased them at a mid to high end range store. She wanted them to go to a good home and sold them to me for half price. I paired the pants with this beautiful white lace crop top using that I had put together, using an underwear set I bought years ago and never wore.

A fresh and fabulous, easy to create, sustainable outfit that doesn't harm the planet or people.

Why Wear Sustainable?

It still amazes me how little many people know about fast fashion and the fact that it is still the worlds second largest global polluter after the oil industry. To think that clothing, something we wear everyday can create this much devastation and that is only the surface of the problem.

Slave labour has always been another deep rooted issue here and the reasons why are endless. Living in our affluent western society it is so easy to go shopping and grab what we want without thinking. Everything is displayed so nicely in large chain stores and it's easy to trust brands we see promoted on every corner. 

Whether we think about it or not, the choices we made today are impacting the land and someone else, even on the other side of the globe. 

We have a moral responsibility to protect and preserve what we have on earth and not to create a lifestyle at the expense of others. 

Exploited people, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters ,friends ,colleagues, these people belong to someone, just like you and I. We have to start thinking about our clothing choices. 

If you have no idea what to do or where to start, begin by using the items you already own in your own wardrobe.

- You can recreate, re-style, re-wear clothing you already own.

- Shop vintage / pre owned pieces. 

- If you really want to buy something new, try using the (Good on You) app to find out which brands are sustainable.

- Invest in quality, having something made at your local tailor / designer. To have quality pieces that last for years to come. 

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