We had an incredible experience to witness a melting pot of cultural expressions through fashion.

FOMA - Fashions of Multicultural Australia, a beautiful fashion event held at The Cutaway in Barangaroo. We were treated to a number of fashion displays and stalls featuring each individual fashion designers true stories, journey and cultural background. A hub of unique people who are passionate about bringing communities together through creativity and self expression.

Attending the event, representing Lakshmi Bee along side our StarCentral Mag crew, we watched each individual collection grace the runway.

I was touched to see that there was a focus on sustainability as well as acceptance and open embrace of multiple communities. It’s not something often seen at major fashion runway shows and as time goes on with more people becoming aware of the truth behind fashion and the massive impact it’s having globally, we are slowly but surely seeing some much anticipated change coming into the industry, through communities like these.

Communities that in the past, could have been easily overlooked or unaccepted by an old world industry. To see these individuals come together and create their own beauty, platform and a voice which is now being recognised nationally and globally. 

I hope to see more of these good missions and movements come through and feel blessed to be a part of the new revolution, that is a better world for all life and all beings.

The Look:

With fast fashion mass pollution our plant and with devastation to local communities and harm of many people involved in the production of clothing, I have been searching for simple and easy ways we can all help combat this global issue.

One way is to simply re-wear, re-style or recreate clothing you already have in your own wardrobe.

I have chosen to re-wear this hand made floral creation from our Lakshmi Bee Luncheon X Resort collection, a couple of years ago.

Luncheon X Resort Collection:

I have worn this dress on many occasions ranging from dressy events to tea time lunches. I transform the look of the dress, pairing it with different accessories including various shoe and hat combinations.

A simple re-wear and restyle, made in Australia by Lakshmi Bee. No wastage, no harm to the planet or people.

I also had some amazing interviews with two beautiful ladies both making waves in their industries.

Our first was with the one and only Opera singer and Ambassador for First Stations People, Ballina Gee “Pacific Diva.” 

Ballina shares her FOMA experience with us and some important information about the Indigenous designers and the significance of Sustainable Fashion in our world today. Ballina has been following our sustainable fashion movement for some time and has shared with us her very own re-stye and re-worn outfit!

Ballina has re-worn her beautiful dress on many occasions. She also shared with us that her necklace and shoes were broken and before throwing away, she had decided to mend them, going them a second lifetime!

I had another amazing Interview Aida Guirguis, a sustainable jeweller and owner High-End Jewellery label "Scarab Rouge.”

Aida creates exclusive and high-end custom pieces for her clients, using jewellery that they already own.

She shares her passion for creating meaningful pieces with purpose, up-cycling and recreating jewellery for many years, she is an original trail blazer for the sustainability movement.

Video Timeline:

00:10 - Intro

00:36 - My Outfit Story

01:11 - Fast Fashion

01:59 - Event Tour

02:51 - Event Vlog

03:33 - Runway Show

05:40 - Interview with Opera Singer, Ballina Gee “Pacific Diva”

07:56 - Interview with Aida Guirguis - owner and designer of "Scarab Rouge”

09:17 - End of show vlog

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