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Updated: Mar 22, 2019

The world is changing and so is the face of western society. The Business & Fashion world reveals.

The Event

Another cold spring night in Sydney, we hurried into the warmth of the famous Nida Theatres. Representing Star Central Magazine and Lakshmi Bee, we took take part in the filming of the Miss Multiverse National Finals Reality Tv Show.

As always with Television, we couldn't take any pictures inside, but were left with an experience of striking visuals and excitement to remember.

The night began with each model Ballerina dancing in mid air as they floated down to the stage. The night was filled with dance and trapeze acts finishing with the official crowning of Miss Multiverse National.

My OOTD Story

Following the recreate journey and mission to combat fast fashion, I re-wore another classic from my own wardrobe.

I created this dress back around 2010. We found this stunning silk printed fabric on one of our journeys through Asia and the shiny yellow finishings in India.

This was the first run in creating my design with the classic signature belt bars waist in the lead up to our famous Desert Queen Collection, which we debuted in 2015.

For years I had this dress stuffed away in a box, tired of seeing the same look. On my mission to find something to wear, one that I already had, I gave it another look and once trying it on again, I was surprisingly taken back.

Sometimes you just have to try the dress on again. It’s so easy to forget the glamorous beauty held within on what looks like a lifeless garment, until you’ve put it on a body.

I remembered the last time I wore this dress, I was out at a Yumcha dinner, seated around the round table with our whole family. We had the best time with endless laughs.

It certainly deserved another round.

I must add, my excitement to wear it again was inspired after recently watching, by far one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, Crazy Rich Asians. With China next door to India and being in the Asian community, it meant a lot me to me to see a side of Asia that many people in the west don’t know. A side of glamour and fashion amongst many deep and meaningful cultural traditions that I have grown up with over the years.

Ensemble Details

I paired this dress with some yellow lace heels I was given nearly 10 years ago in my fashion college days.

I changed them up a little by creating a yellow ribbon using some fabric scraps and created a Ballerina type criss-cross tie.

This created an entirely new look for an old shoe.

Yet another example of re-using what you already have and re-styling for a new look!

I finished the look with some gold jewellery that hadn't seen the light of day in years. I got the bangles on my travels through India many years back and the gold leaf earrings from a small local boutique during a work trip across Australia.

As I always mention, the road to recovery from the damage of fast fashion is a huge feat. But it always begins with those small simple steps.

Try re-wearing some of your past gems. The possibilities are endless. And if your super keen for a new look, you can transform your old pieces through your local tailor or designer, or simply invest in a sustainable fashion label.

Today there are so many beautiful ethical and sustainable lines available and ready to wear that you can Google and find online.

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