Recreate Project: Faux Leather Set

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

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Lakshmi Bee custom wear is the freedom and peace of knowing, you’ve got authenticity, uniqueness, no slave labour or animal harm, 100% recreated and ethical.

Faux Leather Set: Crop Top Bustier and High-waist Pants with sequin square cut out detailing.

I have recreated this faux leather set twice. I found the faux leather pants at a retails store many years ago during my time living on the Gold Coast. They came cut at the hip and after many wares, I decided to extend the top with some faux leather remnants for a new look high waisted style.

A few years later, I recreated the pants again by cutting out two sections and replacing with black sequin remnants and faux leather strips for a cross hatch design.

I created the crop top bustier in my last year of high school back in 2009. It was a crop top project gone wonky that I then managed to recreate out of various fabric remnants from our sewing room scrap boxes. The end result was awesome, best considering it still fits as is!

Ensemble Details

Front & Back:

Faux Leather High-waist pants featuring sequin detailing & Crop Top Bustier with lace / vinyl detailing.

#BlackonBlack #VeganLeather

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