Updated: Mar 18, 2019

The official ARIA Awards! 🎤💃🎼🎸🎧🏆

A celebration and recognition of some of our greatest musical talents in Australia and world wide 🙏

Never did I expect to be here this year.

Gratful to Mike , Jenny & our Star Central Crew for inviting me & Lakshmi Bee to take part in this event and to interview our iconic and up and coming talented familiar faces.

I was very inspired listening to some of the journeys that these people have led, to see their achievements come through the overcoming of many obstacles. It's a testimony to all, that with a vision, dream, purpose, perseverance and faith, nothing is impossible.

The Look

I wore another new piece from our Dinner at Tiffany’s Collection 💎 featuring hand embroidered Suit Jacket, Crop Top and high-waist pant. Recycled & Made from 100% fabric scraps and remnants! ♻️✂️

🆘 With fast fashion causing mass destruction around the world, harming our planet and people, one way we can all help to combat this issue is by simply, re-wearing, re-styling and re-creating fashion using what we already have 🙏🏽🌏


🎤✨🎥 Including some snippets of my ARIA interviews with awesome talents Timomatic, Carmouflage Rose and Mirrah reflects. Who all shared journeys of hardship and the overcoming of obstacles to make their dreams a reality, for themselves and others 🙏🏽👑

Tim mentioned experiencing a tough year during 2016, which interestingly enough was also one of my hardest years in Sydney. It was inspiring to hear him share some of his story in the overcoming of obstacles and awesome to see this incredibly talented human, back on the scene with more new music 👊🏽 A reminder that, our best days are always yet to come 🙏🏽 And we will see the promises in our hearts and minds come to reality when we persevere.

Carmouflage Rose who shares some of his journey. From making the big move from his home in Zimbabwe, to bar tending in Brisbane, to then another year later, he walks the ARIAS red carpet. Took me back to my journey , when my family and I made the big move from London to travelling across Australia, with dreams of pursuing a better life, rebuilding everything over and over, to finally seeing the life we envisioned form around us 🙏🏽 God really is good

Mirrah Reflects shares her journey for equality and recognition for people of colour in the Austrian music industry and the globe. Mirrah's work extends from the music scene all the way to public service for underprivileged people, making a way for others, as she trail blazes through the industry.

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