"2 Events & 2 Pairs of Earrings"

I may have committed the unthinkable, WEAR THE SAME OUTFIT > ALL DAY > to ALL MY EVENTS!

It was a crazy day, jam packed with 2 big events - Sounds of Afro Beats Festival by day and The Miss Australasia competition by night. 🎤💃🏻🌴

With fast fashion weighing heavy on my mind, along with the dangerous global pollution and the harm of people involved all over the world, I have been thinking of different ways that anyone can help. 

One simple way, is to Re-Wear, Re-Style or Re-Create clothing ✂️♻️ using what you already have in your own wardrobe.

I wore this hand embroidered Indian dress that my Aunty gave me many years ago, paired with one vintage cream blazer, which I picked up at a Vinnies thrift store, as part of a full tailored suit set (for $35! 😱💰)

It’s always amazing to see how different you can make an outfit appear, by simply changing your shoes or accessories. 👠💍I changed my day stud earrings, into a pair of night chandelier earrings and threw the jacket over my shoulders for a more formal evening look.

💸 No extra dollars spent, no waste and no harm to others or the planet in creating this look. 

💎 Still Fabulous.

With more wisdom being discovered and the available technology to share it globally, it’s clearer now, the way that the factors of a mindset, 🧠 play a massive role in our actions and thoughts. 

The idea that an outfit can only be worn once, is again, only a mindset.

A fear based ideology, fed to consumers for the purpose of profit and through time, 🌏 we can now see the numerous negative side effects on our society and the globe.

As a designer and fellow fashionista, I understand the joyous feeling of wearing something new and unseen, this type of feeling doesn’t have to be purchased every time.

More favourite ideas of mine are vintage shopping, swapping with friends / neighbours or selling / buying pre existing items.

Another way to find stylish gems and express yourself in new fashion daily, without contributing to this global scale issue. 

💰THE TRUE COST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDx711ibD1M

✉️ Lakshmi@LakshmiBee.com

📷 Eric Fonacier

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