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Lakshmi Bee 2018


Behind the scenes look with our beautiful talented team,

make up artist Rosa @makeupbyrosa hair stylist Mimo @mimzzi88, creating some real magic for the show!


Intro Speech:

Who made your clothes???

..Fast Fashion..
One of the worlds largest polluters after the oil industry.

Each Year... tons of clothing are thrown away, ending up in toxic landfills…. loaded with rotting clothes. 
Almost 6000kg of clothing…. dumped into landfill every 10 minutes…. in Australia alone.

Sweat shops…. still linked to most of our clothing, 
warehouses filled with disadvantaged workers and even children, 
forced to work under pressure … around the clock... with very little or no rights.

It’s a big job to fix,
we don’t have all the answers yet, 
but... we can all make a global change today….. by taking simple steps.

Research - Invest - Re-use - Recreate


- Lakshmi



We opened the show with Our Industry Ghost Face Gown to an intro speech about Fast Fashion and the detrimental impact it has globally,

to then kicking off the collection with Franklin Arron performing live on stage!


After Show, catching up with the crew and meeting the audience. We caught up with Western Sydney Fashion Festival Directer Thuy Lanvin and her team and some more of our fellow fashionistas and industry creatives.