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Lakshmi Bee Custom Art


Kaiser I Hind - “EMPEROR OF INDIA”


Kaiser I Hind, the Emperor of India (Teinopalpus imperialis) is a rare species of butterfly, found on the borders of the Himalayas between India and Nepal.

The painting features the rare butterfly resting in a collection of trees, overlooking the Nepalese Barun Valley and the snowy peaks of the Himalayan mountains.


- Painted By Lakshmi Gowda

“It was the first painting I had created in nearly ten years. The busyness of life had taken me away from much of my true creativity.

My last painting had been featured in our local city Art Gallery, so as the years passed, I felt the pressure of producing something of beauty again after being out of practice for so long.

It was when the Covid lockdowns began in the year 2020, I desperately needed to escape the madness and felt guided to paint again.

The beauty of nature is so calming and it simply grows and moves at its own pace. I felt inspired to bring some of that beauty into our home.

I picked up the brush again and 3 days later, this piece emerged. It brought a lot of calm and some much-needed refreshment in a great time of adversity."



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