Lakshmi Bee 2020 Vision Sneak Peek Collection shares a glimpse into the vision of Lakshmi Bee

and what you can expect to see in future collections.

Our collection featured sustainable ready to wear luxury couture, pieces made from 100% up-cycled garments, fabric scraps and remnants, finished with intricate hand embroidering and tailoring. 

The pieces were inspired by our different cultural backgrounds and birthplaces of Australia, India, England and Papua New Guinea, featuring the natural beauty, tropical florals, Birds of Paradise native to PNG,

South Indian beads and english silhouettes.


The joy was real 🌻Months of hard work come together as we debuted our brand new Lakshmi Bee 2020 Vision sneak peak collection at Pacific International Runway.

The show was a huge success and one of the best and most joy filled runways we have done so far. From rehearsal, right to the finished show, we were looked after the whole way through, met some amazing people who had flown in from all over the world and the Pacific Islands, whilst sharing this experience with the fashion family we have built with along this journey so far.

Want to say a massive thank you to Director and Designer Fayee Penny for choosing our label Lakshmi Bee to take part this year, thank you to her incredible family, friends and team, our amazing models and crew, it was an honour to work along side you all. Thank you for making our experience truly awesome!

Thank you our father God for consistently blessing us, against all odds, we are forever grateful.
“Nothing shall be impossible for you” (Matthew 17:20)