It was the birth of something new, limits pushed and boundaries over come! ISAIAH 63:1 Collection was released and walked with a message. 


The Fast fashion industry and clothing landfills are responsible for the second largest pollution problem in the world after the oil industry, with ties to slave labour and many other various issues.

One way we can all help combat this problem is by simply re-using items we already have in our own wardrobes.

Our ISAIAH 63:1 Collection featuring ready to wear pieces has been made from unique vintage and past collections both scouted and donated from some very special ladies.

We have also incorporated fabric remnants and offcuts from our studio. Some of the garments have been recreated and others have been pieced together from scratch.

We are excited to present this latest collection, providing an opportunity for you to become a part of the global sustainability solution.

Timeless pieces that can be worn for many years and seasons to come. No landfill waste or slave labour.

Today more than ever, it is very important to research the brands you are buying. 🔍 

Are they ethically made and who has made the clothing?


Our new collection featured ready to wear tailored suit jackets, assorted high-waist pants / skirt, tailored shorts, beaded crop tops, blazer dresses and a sleek blouse in red, black, white, silver leopard and zebra.


Special vintage pieces combined with fabric offcuts and scraps, recreated and transformed into new fashion.