at Tiffany's

Dinner at Tiffany's

Sustainable pieces made from 100% unused clothing, fabric scraps and remnants.

Hand tailored and embroidered pieces, Inspired by the stunning Birds of Paradise and the delicious breakfast at Tiffany's glamour.


At Lakshmi Bee, we have always drawn inspiration from our earths natural life and resources and draw near to the timeless elegance of the early 1950's to 1960's glamour.


Susan Gowda (Bee) was born in the tropics of Papua New Guinea and has been inspired for many years by the ornate beauty of the tropical Birds of Paradise. With a deep love of classic styles, we combined the Breakfast at Tiffany's glamour.

A combination of timeless elegance, paired with the unmatched beauty of the Birds of Paradise and finished with a modern edge, we bring you the Dinner at Tiffany's Collection.

About Collection

Recycling into high end fashion...

A collection of timeless elegance and edginess. Red carpet and gala dinner styles for the modern day woman, featuring hand tailored and embroidered pieces.

The global expansion of fast fashion and contribution to toxic landfill and slave trade have changed the way we think about fashion.  

We decided to create something different, using pre-existing items from our own wardrobes and storage spaces instead of the fabric store and began to recreate what once was, into our brand new runway collection.

Up-cycling is one of many ways we can help combat this global issue, knowing we can all make a difference through a one of a kind piece of clothing.